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Wanted to know why curly hairs are always dry?

Curly hairs have both advantage and disadvantages.

Curly hairs looks good on some people and few would wish to have it. But the major problem faced by them is very dry curly hair. This may be due to many reasons. Usually curly hairs have low pH levels. This makes the hair acidic and has a major impact on the hair.

If the acidic nature is high, it would make the moisture to escape from the hair and that resulting very dry curly hair. To get rid of this, it is better to use the shampoos that have low pH and maintain the moisture in the hair.

curly hair is dry

What are the causes of dry hair?

There are two basic reasons why curly hair is dry. Main reason is that scalp will not generate sufficient natural oil to moisturize your hair. This may be due to hereditary or some other things. As age increases, the body would reduce the production of oils and so this causes dry hair. The condition of your hair causes the moisture to escape from the hair. Also if the hair is exposed to overheat or using the hair dryers with more heat will make the hair dry. If the hair is exposed to many chemical treatments for better growth, there is a chance for hair to get dry.

Whether the curly hairs are lose, classic or tight, if conditioners are used on hair regularly it would make the curly hair to get exposed to breakage and dehydration. This would also cause lifeless and shapeless curly hair.

Using a light weight conditioner is the solution for keeping hair from drying out. Primers can be used for retaining moisture in hair. It fills the gaps in the damaged places and so the products would work effectively. The major problem faced by many people is that their curly hair is dry.

Below are some useful tips for keeping hair from drying out

  • You can try using a thermal protective before applying heat.
  • Consider using ionic thermal tools.
  • Avoid using too much of heat.
  • Choose a shampoo for dry hair that would retain moisture.
  • Avoid using the daily shampoo.
  • Don’t make the hair get exposed to too much pollution, blustery weather, chlorine and salt water.
  • Avoid using too many chemical treatments for hair.

Curly hairs are usually dry by nature. There are many reasons for the dryness and so it is the major problem for the person having dry hair. So you must be conscious in maintaining dry hair and keeping it smooth.