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Things to know in hair dressers scissors maintenance

Scissors are very important product that is used by hair dressers. It serves several uses for them. These scissors should be maintained in a good way because they are used for different purposes and for many people.

Cleaning scissors is the most important work that every hair dresser should do regularly. Before placing the scissor in its case after the day’s work, it should be cleaned well. If the scissor has been used for cutting colored hair or hair that is used with any chemical, it should be cleaned with alcohol and wipe it to make it dry because these chemicals would cause rusting on the blades.

cleaning scissors

Cleaning scissors is very important in a hair dresser’s work. It is very important in taking care of barber scissor because it is an important tool out of all used by them. When the scissors are used regularly, it is recommended to service them at least once in a year. If the blades lose the sharpness it is necessary to sharp them. If the scissors are of bad quality then it needs to be serviced often. So it is important thing to be followed in taking care of barber scissor.

How to maintain the scissors?

It is important to check the strength of the scissors often because sometimes it would lose the strength and there are chances to get bent or damage the hair. If the blades are loose, there will not be proper grip for the stylist to hold the scissor. So it is always important to check the tension of the scissors. There are possibilities to check and adjust the scissors for better performance. Since the scissor blades are made up of steel blades, it is important that you oil them frequently. This would reduce friction and the scissor would operate smoothly.

hair dressers scissors maintenance

You must make an arrangement to store scissors in a correct way. Whenever these scissors are not used, it is better to keep it in its case. By doing this, it can be avoided from others using the scissors and damaging it.

It is the best way to store the scissors and safeguard it. If the proper scissor is picked, then it would last for long days. Few scissors may be of poor quality and these are not to be purchased. So it is always important to maintain the scissors in a right way and use it.